Building Your Classes for Next Year

An Interesting Idea came to me when we were beginning our new school. Originally I thought we would only need this process in the first couple of years, but I was incorrect.  We ended up repeating this procedure each year around this time as a ‘way we do things around here’ .  The response fromContinue reading “Building Your Classes for Next Year”

Friday Phone Calls

A small amount of time can make a huge difference for a child. Another Interesting Idea that I adopted early in my administration career was something I heard at a conference from Todd Whitaker.  I heard him speak when I was a teacher and considering leadership and this one Interesting Idea stuck with me.  IContinue reading “Friday Phone Calls”

Mornings Are Hard

How students start the day doesn’t have to be. Mornings are hard. How can you make coming to school comforting and predictable for students? For each of us we know how difficult mornings can be.  Not only getting ourselves ready but others in your life.  Your morning routine is probably set (same time waking, sameContinue reading “Mornings Are Hard”

Be Visible

What do I consider the number one leadership behaviour that has the greatest impact on school climate and culture?   Actually, when you think of the deep connections in all effective school research you could easily make the argument that this one behaviour impacts academic achievement, sense of belonging, engagement, etc.  You name it andContinue reading “Be Visible”

End the Day With Joy

Hanging Out With My Kindergarten Friends! Five minutes could make all the difference!  The Interesting Idea this week is all about five minutes I would honour at the end of the day in order to finish the instructional day on a high note.  Regardless of what happened earlier I knew these five minutes could turnContinue reading “End the Day With Joy”

Ed, the Superstar!

As the leader in your school do you know everyone’s name?  Do they all know you?  We have all experienced that frightening feeling when you are out and someone comes up to you (in my case, very much younger) and says, “Do you remember me? You were my teacher/principal.” Who is the most popular atContinue reading “Ed, the Superstar!”

The Newcomer Has A Plan

I have returned to a school for the past three weeks as an occasional principal during an absence of a colleague.  It is a wonderful school with lots of amazing things happening for students.  The ratio of technology to students is very high.  Every classroom is well equipped to provide technology for student use.  ThisContinue reading “The Newcomer Has A Plan”

Story Time

This week I want to share an Interesting Idea to use when public health regulations allow you to have parents back in the school. We had parent volunteers come into our school during break time and read to our students.  I know this does not sound like a revolutionary idea but continue reading.  You willContinue reading “Story Time”

Parents Coming for Student Meetings

This week I wanted to share some ‘interesting ideas’ about meeting with families.   As a school we would often discuss parents coming to the school for a meeting and what we could do as a staff to make sure the parents were heard, they were comfortable, they felt safe and we had productive conversationsContinue reading “Parents Coming for Student Meetings”

Teacher Evaluation=Leadership

I wanted to write this week about the Teacher Performance Appraisal (TPA) process and share with a you a few Interesting Ideas as you make your way through your evaluations this year.   No matter where you are located or what your process is for teacher evaluation in your district I imagine we share enoughContinue reading “Teacher Evaluation=Leadership”