Education Can Save Your Life

A Previous Graduation Speech-Shared Again Below is the final graduation speech I gave to the Class of 2021. A recent visit to Newfoundland and a request from a previous staff member has pushed me to share it again. This is one portion of that speech. Quotations are a very common device to use in aContinue reading “Education Can Save Your Life”

Friday Phone Calls

A small amount of time can make a huge difference for a child. Another Interesting Idea that I adopted early in my administration career was something I heard at a conference from Todd Whitaker.  I heard him speak when I was a teacher and considering leadership and this one Interesting Idea stuck with me.  IContinue reading “Friday Phone Calls”

Students Building School Culture

School Ambassadors Consider starting a School Ambassador Program at your school.  These are students in multiple grades who are your school spirit culture promoters!  We had so many students in our school who were multi-lingual and knew we needed to tap into this resource. Not only to give them the opportunity to volunteer their timeContinue reading “Students Building School Culture”

The Newcomer Has A Plan

I have returned to a school for the past three weeks as an occasional principal during an absence of a colleague.  It is a wonderful school with lots of amazing things happening for students.  The ratio of technology to students is very high.  Every classroom is well equipped to provide technology for student use.  ThisContinue reading “The Newcomer Has A Plan”

Upcoming Professional Learning

If you will excuse me, I am going to do something a little bit different in this blog and promote something.  I have been writing in my blog about my experiences and sharing some ideas that I found to be beneficial to my career as a school administrator.   I therefore must share that certificationContinue reading “Upcoming Professional Learning”

Parents Coming for Student Meetings

This week I wanted to share some ‘interesting ideas’ about meeting with families.   As a school we would often discuss parents coming to the school for a meeting and what we could do as a staff to make sure the parents were heard, they were comfortable, they felt safe and we had productive conversationsContinue reading “Parents Coming for Student Meetings”

Students At Parent Meetings

A benefit for all. A benefit for you. I am writing to you this week from Bloomington, Indiana where I have spent the weekend working and learning with some amazing educators at Solution Tree. I still wanted to keep my consecutive weeks of writing streak alive so this is going to be a short, butContinue reading “Students At Parent Meetings”

Charities & Schools

Having a Process. I know and understand that it is extremely important for a school to be involved in the work of local charities.  The learning that students acquire by giving to others is a key part of any curriculum.  The positive feelings and acknowledgement you receive as a school for giving back cannot beContinue reading “Charities & Schools”

Your School Leadership Team

Who are your leaders?  Who do you ask to assist?  Whose opinion do you want? One of the topics that often comes up in conversation during principal training is the formation of a leadership team.  People will ask me how I chose the adults that are going to be on an equity lead team, orContinue reading “Your School Leadership Team”

Staff Meetings

I want to thank those that have been reading my blogs and sending messages.  I love your support and how you have introduced my ideas to others.  I appreciate you. Way back in 1938, John Dewey wrote in Experience and Education, ‘We do not learn from experience, we learn from reflecting on experience’.  This isContinue reading “Staff Meetings”