Peter Marshall recently retired from the Halton District School Board after 35 years.  A graduate of the University of Toronto in Physical and Health Education, Peter received his Bachelor of Education at the Ontario Institute of Studies in Education-The University of Toronto.  He earned his Master of Education in Curriculum Studies from Brock University. 

Peter’s journey in education has taken him from classroom teacher of Grade 3 to Grade 8, including specialty roles like Guidance, Student Success and Physical and Health Education.  He began his Administrative career in 2001 and has been an administrator in five different schools in the Halton District.  In addition, Peter was appointed as the System Principal responsible for Leadership and Staff Development (2011-2015).  Peter worked with both Corporate and Academic components of the organization. Peter was responsible for the development and implementation of programs for the “On -Boarding” of new staff, the mentoring and coaching of new administrators and staff, and the facilitation of training programs for schools and departments across the district.

In his most recent role as Principal of Boyne Public School, Peter led the development of one of Halton’s newest schools.  In six years he supported the staff, students and families in growing a school from the middle of an empty field into a community that is recognized for its innovation, commitment to student achievement and well being, and provided a neighbourhood hub for what is considered the fastest growing area in Canada; Milton Ontario.  This success was due to the fostering of an environment that celebrated the cultural diversity of the large student population.

His vision, leadership and dedication led to Peter being recognized as one of Canada’s Outstanding Principals (The Learning Partnership) in 2018.

Peter is a sought after speaker and facilitator working with different District School Boards, Solution Tree, Lumina Learning, Crucial Learning, and the Ontario Principals’ Council.  He has presented across Ontario on a wide variety of topics and has taught the Principal Qualification Program course since 2009.

“Peter is thoughtful and thorough.  He plans with outcomes in mind, and is very aware of adult learning models.  I know he will work with me to create a day of learning that will excite the participants about the work, provide a variety of activities that recognize where people are in the learning and carefully construct processes that will allow us to receive valuable information from the stakeholders present.”

Superintendent: Halton District School Board

“As I drove home after today’s session, I began to think about how much richer we are as a system because of your services.  You not only provided us with some great ideas and strategies today, but you modeled them – in other words “walked the talk”.  You have to be a master to be able to weave those two things together in such a meaningful way.”

Instructional Program Lead: Halton District School Board

“You are such an honest, transparent and engaged leader in our Board, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate to see someone in your position still have the love and energy that you do.
It has been a treat for me to listen to you each week – I have learned the most from your stories and your philosophies…”

Current participant in the Principal Qualification Program-Instructional Program Leader: Halton District School Board

Let’s build something together.

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