Friday Phone Calls

A small amount of time can make a huge difference for a child. Another Interesting Idea that I adopted early in my administration career was something I heard at a conference from Todd Whitaker.  I heard him speak when I was a teacher and considering leadership and this one Interesting Idea stuck with me.  IContinue reading “Friday Phone Calls”

Mornings Are Hard

How students start the day doesn’t have to be. Mornings are hard. How can you make coming to school comforting and predictable for students? For each of us we know how difficult mornings can be.  Not only getting ourselves ready but others in your life.  Your morning routine is probably set (same time waking, sameContinue reading “Mornings Are Hard”

Be Visible

What do I consider the number one leadership behaviour that has the greatest impact on school climate and culture?   Actually, when you think of the deep connections in all effective school research you could easily make the argument that this one behaviour impacts academic achievement, sense of belonging, engagement, etc.  You name it andContinue reading “Be Visible”

Students Building School Culture

School Ambassadors Consider starting a School Ambassador Program at your school.  These are students in multiple grades who are your school spirit culture promoters!  We had so many students in our school who were multi-lingual and knew we needed to tap into this resource. Not only to give them the opportunity to volunteer their timeContinue reading “Students Building School Culture”

Connect With Your Community

It is Family Day in Ontario, so it is fitting that I write the blog this week sharing another Interesting Idea in relation to your school community and connecting with families. One of the single biggest impact initiatives we had at our school was something we called Community Connections.  The benefits were huge and providedContinue reading “Connect With Your Community”