Spread Appreciation

Your Interesting Idea for this week is all about providing time each and every opportunity you have with staff to increase positive school climate. Have your staff start to share appreciations.   Getting together as a staff is such a gift.  It is something that has been missed in the past few years, so whenContinue reading “Spread Appreciation”

Annoy Your Staff

I’m sure that title grabs your attention! Before we get to that… It is an honour that I have been asked by the Halton Learning Foundation to be their Guest Speaker at their Annual General Meeting on Thursday, February 24th. The Halton Learning Foundation (HLF) were, during my time, and continue to be a bigContinue reading “Annoy Your Staff”

Show Your Appreciation

Of course you do numerous things to show your staff that you appreciate them.  I always believed it was the daily interactions, done consistently with love and care that showed I valued all staff and their contributions to our students and school.  While grand gestures are nice, and they have a place in the wayContinue reading “Show Your Appreciation”

Upcoming Professional Learning

If you will excuse me, I am going to do something a little bit different in this blog and promote something.  I have been writing in my blog about my experiences and sharing some ideas that I found to be beneficial to my career as a school administrator.   I therefore must share that certificationContinue reading “Upcoming Professional Learning”

What is Fair Chance?

Never stop teaching.  Strengthen your school climate by giving your students the skills to work through issues with classmates. I don’t want to downplay the effects that bullying has on our students.  Bullying behaviour has life long impacts on students.  Schools are meant to be safe, comfortable, learning spaces for all students.  Staff in schoolsContinue reading “What is Fair Chance?”

Story Time

This week I want to share an Interesting Idea to use when public health regulations allow you to have parents back in the school. We had parent volunteers come into our school during break time and read to our students.  I know this does not sound like a revolutionary idea but continue reading.  You willContinue reading “Story Time”

Protect Instructional Time

Moving from school to school is part of the job for an administrator.  It is both exciting and anxiety provoking.  Starting with an entry plan for the new location is key.  Each time I have moved I have done an activity with staff that I called ‘Successes and Barriers’.  I want to find out whatContinue reading “Protect Instructional Time”

Parents Coming for Student Meetings

This week I wanted to share some ‘interesting ideas’ about meeting with families.   As a school we would often discuss parents coming to the school for a meeting and what we could do as a staff to make sure the parents were heard, they were comfortable, they felt safe and we had productive conversationsContinue reading “Parents Coming for Student Meetings”

Students At Parent Meetings

A benefit for all. A benefit for you. I am writing to you this week from Bloomington, Indiana where I have spent the weekend working and learning with some amazing educators at Solution Tree. I still wanted to keep my consecutive weeks of writing streak alive so this is going to be a short, butContinue reading “Students At Parent Meetings”