School Mental Health

A few years ago I was invited to speak at a meeting in Toronto for some financial auditors who were working in school systems across Canada.  Each of the provinces and territories were represented and when I asked what they would like to see presented they responded with Mental Health in the school. They didContinue reading “School Mental Health”

Starting a Movement

I wanted to do something slightly different this week in my blog.  I want to promote a book and illustrate how this books aligns with the important work we did at our school in regards to building and maintaining our positive school culture for staff, students and families. The book is Starting a Movement: BuildingContinue reading “Starting a Movement”

Cell Phones at School

One School’s Story We had a problem with cell phones at our school!   I want to share one school’s story on how we worked with students, staff and families to address the issue.   I will start by saying we are an elementary school so our solutions are based on one thousand plus studentsContinue reading “Cell Phones at School”

Teacher Evaluation=Leadership

I wanted to write this week about the Teacher Performance Appraisal (TPA) process and share with a you a few Interesting Ideas as you make your way through your evaluations this year.   No matter where you are located or what your process is for teacher evaluation in your district I imagine we share enoughContinue reading “Teacher Evaluation=Leadership”

Never Stop Being A Teacher

This week I wanted to share with you some resource ideas and a simple point for you to consider that will assist you with your work building climate and culture in your school.  It is a leadership move that will aid your teachers, benefit your students and give you a huge pat on the backContinue reading “Never Stop Being A Teacher”

Support Your Staff

Administrators, you are presented with an opportunity each year to make a profound impact on your staff and school climate. Why not utilize something that is a must do task and turn it into a school culture accelerator? As part of the Teacher Performance Appraisal process teachers are asked to set goals using a documentContinue reading “Support Your Staff”

Build School Culture With Reporting – Learning Skills

While reading and signing hundreds of reports cards is not always the most pleasurable task for an administrator, reading excellent report cards can and will restore your faith in what happens when excellent educators work their magic with students and families. I remember spending time in Australia and seeing an elementary report card.  The entireContinue reading “Build School Culture With Reporting – Learning Skills”

Your School Leadership Team

Who are your leaders?  Who do you ask to assist?  Whose opinion do you want? One of the topics that often comes up in conversation during principal training is the formation of a leadership team.  People will ask me how I chose the adults that are going to be on an equity lead team, orContinue reading “Your School Leadership Team”

Staff Meetings

I want to thank those that have been reading my blogs and sending messages.  I love your support and how you have introduced my ideas to others.  I appreciate you. Way back in 1938, John Dewey wrote in Experience and Education, ‘We do not learn from experience, we learn from reflecting on experience’.  This isContinue reading “Staff Meetings”

Build Climate Through Visuals

I want to share three bulletin board ideas for the front hallway of your school close to your entrance, or as a front display case. These visuals will add to your climate and culture with staff, students and their families.  During regular times when parents entered our school prior to the pandemic these boards wouldContinue reading “Build Climate Through Visuals”